There are some definite challenges to lighting, furnishing and decorating when you lease your space. You can't switch out cabinets, fixtures, hardware, wall color or flooring. You are naturally confined to the structure as is. Many people lease their homes be it a job situation, transitional phase in life or just not being ready for home ownership. However, it doesn't mean you can't make your own, give it your footprint and make it feel less like rented space. The showroom experts at BES Lighting took me on a journey to transform my basic leased space into an inviting home reflecting my personal style.

Part One

Walking into the BES Lighting showroom is like walking into an interior decorating magazine. There is something for every room and surface. Lighting, furniture, art, accent pieces, mirrors, throws, pillows! Where do I start? What is my style? Can you put this chair with that table? Will this furniture work in my space?

The showroom experts were exceptionally skilled in helping me answer those questions. We started with a walk through the showroom talking about the furniture pieces which spoke to me, discussing the space in which they would be and how challenges such as room size, room flow, door and window placement would affect my choices.

Some basic styles in interior design include:

1.       Modern Minimalist Style

This is a simplistic style when it comes to form, and can be flashy when it comes to color. Pieces are structured with clean surfaces and minimum detail, clean lines and often geometric shapes – square, rectangular and round.

2.       Classic Style

A more refined look, rich in details and artfully crafted. Pieces in this style often feature florals and leitmotif. 

3.       Rustic Style

Incorporating materials in their natural state i.e., tree trunks, logs, branches and stone. Imagine mountain vacation homes or ranch settings.

4.       Contemporary Style

Contemporary-modern style maintains balanced, solid colors. Finishes are also solid and polished in design. Wood-veneer, leather, velvet, plush and upholstered pieces are characteristic of this style.

My personal style turned out to be a mixed bag of Rustic Style with industrial influences when it came to materials. I tend toward Contemporary Style elements when choosing colors and textures. My showroom expert had her work cut out for her as I trusted Erin to help rein it in and put together a room with a cohesive look throughout. What I learned is these styles are flexible and you can definitely think outside of the box mixing and matching and pulling from any style you want.